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The White Family

“The Whites reached Family Haven after calling Harvest House on the recommendation of friend. They had hit hard times in returning to Sarasota from North Carolina, where Jason, a carpenter by trade, had found work temporarily. A car accident in South Carolina wiped them out financially, and they had nowhere to stay after they arrived. Jason found work as a day laborer, but it wasn’t enough for move-in costs on a new home.

Once at Family Haven, the Whites were able to get on their feet and were moved into the rental on North Euclid Avenue, part of a complex of subsidized homes owned by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The HUD program pays two-thirds of the rent, which means the Whites only have to pay $255 per month while they get more financially stable.

“It’s like a weight lifted off my shoulders.” – Laura White

Like others in the Family Haven program, they must be at work or school by 8 a.m. and attend life skills classes. Cheryl Clunk, director of family services for Harvest House, said the Whites appear to be succeeding.”


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