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Blossoms from the TWIG

The TWIG (The Way to Inspire & Grow) is a free clothing store in Venice, FL specially created for children in foster care. Once a month, children can shop for outfits, undergarments, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and even some personal care items such as makeup, all for free.


Stop for the One

Jim Rouches is a very busy man. He’s the Director of Program Services at Harvest House overseeing the Freedom and VETS programs, including 121 lives. He spends time in our local jails at least twice a week, working with individuals in the re-entry and substance abuse pods, and bringing innovative new programs such as art therapy to the inmates.

Life Enrichment

Troop 1019 Summer Sleepover

Our first Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida, Inc. Troop 1019 Sleepover was a success!! We had a crazy fun night on Friday full of everything BUT sleeping: dancing, singing, painting masterpieces, watching movies, playing games, tie-dying clothes, painting our nails, doing each other’s hair, and bonding over cereal the next morning. Our friendship really means a lot to all of us. These memories will stick with us forever!

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