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Emergency Shelter Needs: Pack-N-Plays & High Chairs

Did you know: Harvest House operates the designated emergency shelter for families in North Sarasota County?

238 individuals (73 families) stayed in the Family Haven shelter in 2019 alone. These are parents and children that come from unsafe living situations and are in need of a temporary, emergency home.
During their stay in the shelter, the family services team works to make sure the children are in school or daycare, the parents are engaged in employment, and a housing stability plan is underway as soon as possible.
All of our supportive housing units look and feel like a home instead of a shelter. We believe that every member of the family should have their own bed to sleep in and for many, this might be the first time having that experience.
Right now, we are in need of at least 4 regular sized Pack-n-Plays for the shelter bedrooms in order to provide safe sleep options for families with young children. We are also in need of 2 plastic high chairs with working straps/clasps – one for each unit.
If you’d like to purchase these items for us, click the link below to reserve them through our Quinnd wishlist. If you have these items and would like to donate them, let us know and we’ll come to pick it up!
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