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Mom of Two Receives New Vehicle Thanks To Generous Donor

Saberne and her youngest son are so thankful for their new van!

She has two boys, 11 & 16. Her previous car was barely holding it together with duct tape and a prayer. She used up her SOS funds to repair it but it still wasn’t working right. She can’t afford to buy a new car just yet, but a donor came in and saved the day! Saberne and her family are so excited!!

Transportation is one of the biggest issues our clients face. Families often have multiple children with varying ages that need to go to daycare and/or school, and parents need to get to work. Even errands that may seem small for many, such as grocery shopping, can be very difficult and time consuming without a car. Public transportation, especially during these times, is difficult to use and rely on.

Clients in residential recovery may not be able to drive a car for a variety of reasons. This leaves public transportation and bicycles as the most common go-to methods for getting to work, school, etc.

We’re always looking for used cars, bikes, mopeds, and Uber/Lyft gift cards to assist people on their path to stability, whatever that journey might look like. 

Sometimes, it seems like there’s no way out of a bad situation that just keeps getting worse, but that’s not always the case. If you’d like to donate a vehicle, contact us today!

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