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Team Harvest Softball Wins 2020 League Championship

Congratulations, team!

The co-ed softball team is made up of “all kinds of people, from all kinds of backgrounds,” says Coach Pat Barnes. Team Harvest was formed as an extracurricular activity for members of the Harvest Sarasota and clients and graduates of Harvest House. The team practices once a week in preparation for some friendly competition on Sunday evenings. They just earned their second championship win this month.

“I love playing with these people. We help each other. We make each other better. We trust each other. And, winning this championship means that we’re doing something right. There’s a synergy here that doesn’t let us lose, even if we lose a game. This season was hard because of COVID, but we pulled through. I’m so proud,” Pat said.

“Building relationships is so important for human beings, especially for those of us on a recovery journey – and I mean recovery from all kinds of things. It’s so great to win big, but we also celebrate the small wins every time that we come together. We learn leadership and teamwork. Every single person plays an essential role, even our cheerleaders on the sidelines,” said Erin Minor, CEO of Harvest House and catcher for Team Harvest

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