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Sarasota county makes progress with homeless family population – ABC 7
May 29, 2015

A 2013 survey showed there were 350 homeless families with more than 1000 children in Sarasota County.
“Sarasota was shocked, to know how many homeless families are right here in our backyard,” said Harvest
House official Erin Minor, referring to the study … Read More

Tryon: Harvest House’s genius in helping homeless – Herald Tribune
May 17, 2015

Erin Minor told me last week that she’s never heard the words “genius” and “Harvest
House” mentioned in the same sentence. I don’t know why, because there is a simple genius in the way Harvest House Transitional Centers approaches its work … Read More

One of the worst cities for the poor? Try Sarasota – Herald Tribune
May 5, 2015

For children in poor families, Sarasota is one of the worst places in the country in which to grow up. It’s also one of the worst places in Southwest Florida, at least for moving up the income ladder … Read More

Tryon: Making progress on helping the homeless – Herald Tribune
April 5, 2015

So, local governments in Sarasota County hired an expert on homelessness, he wrote a report and nothing has been done since then, right? Wrong … Read More

Community Spotlight: TreeUmph! Adventure Course Hosts 40 Local Students from Harvest House Transitional Centers – The Bradenton Times
March 8, 2015

TreeUmph! Adventure Course, Southwest Florida’s first treetop obstacle course, honored their commitment to the youth of our community by providing a complimentary day of fun and learning for Harvest House Transitional Centers … Read More

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