Client Stories

Testimonial, Veteran


While growing up in Staten Island, NY, Joe ran with a tough crowd and became alienated from his family. “I grew up with some really horrendous people,” Joe recalls.

Testimonial, Young Adult


Alexis was a featured guest at the 2017 Home Again Luncheon, an annual fundraiser lunch for Harvest House that allows our community of supporters and partners to come together to review the year behind us and the year ahead. Here is Alexis’ speech from that day.

Testimonial, Young Adult


arryl was one of the featured guests at the 2017 Home Again Luncheon. He is now the President of the Youth Action Board. This is his moving speech from the luncheon…

Families, Testimonial

The White Family

A car accident in South Carolina wiped them out financially, and they had nowhere to stay after they arrived. Jason found work as a day laborer, but it wasn’t enough for move-in costs on a new home.

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