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Emergency Shelter: Family Haven 

Families who are in need of emergency shelter should call 211 for services at the Family Haven. Learn more about the Family Haven.

Freedom Residential Recovery

Freedom offers affordable residential recovery, complete with housing and the tools necessary to transition adults out of life-limiting patterns and into freedom and stability. These programs are specifically designed for adults that have struggled with the destructive powers of alcohol and/or drug addiction. Learn more about Freedom.

Applications:  Self-Pay Single Adults

Supportive Housing: Home Again 

Home Again provides permanent supportive housing and case management services to families who find themselves with multiple barriers to housing stability. Home Again is a great opportunity for families who wish to participate in a program that offers valuable services that enable them to invest in their family’s future. Learn more about Home Again.

For families interested in the services provided through the Home Again program should call 211 for an appropriate referral.

Supportive Housing: New Heights for Young Adults

This supportive housing program is specifically designed for 18 to 24-year-old young adults who are experiencing homelessness. Participants will live in a dorm-like setting along with other program participants. Learn more about New Heights.

To download the New Heights application click here.

Veterans Empowered through Transitional Services (VETS)

Harvest House offers VETS to adult male veterans who have struggled with emotional trauma and substance abuse after their service causing them to experience homelessness. Learn more about VETS. 

For veterans in need of this program, please click here to download the VETS application.

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