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Family Services

Family Services

Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing, and Permanent Supportive Housing for families experiencing homelessness.

Homelessness can happen to anyone.

Our goal is to help families that are experiencing homelessness by moving them into stable housing as soon as possible. From the moment they get to our campus, we work with them to establish a Stabilization Plan that guides them to sustainable, permanent solutions, no matter their needs. There are two programs at Harvest House that address the full range of needs for homeless families: Family Haven & Home Again. Keep reading to learn more.


Family Haven

Emergency Shelter

Our first goal upon entry is to get families the critical support they need, including connecting families to child care, medical care, counseling, job training, SNAP benefits, and other services that will help them find transitional or permanent housing outside the shelter.

How it Works

Families can stay up to 30 days in emergency shelter and up to 90 days in transitional housing, depending on their needs. There is no cost for families during their stay in the Family Haven. Participants are expected to: engage in a Stabilization Plan, refrain from active substance abuse, abide by community rules, and maintain regular engagement with a Case Manager.


Each of the 3-bedroom apartments are fully furnished and equipped with a living room, kitchen, and bathroom, in addition to bedroom doors that can be locked so families know their space is safe and secure. The units are fully stocked with appliances, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and fresh food. We want families to rest their heads in beds that are good enough to be our own, and children to feel safe and happy during this transitional time. During the families’ stay with us, they receive free counseling services and robust case management services that continue up to 18 months after they have relocated from our campus.

"There was no greater feeling in the world than getting those keys handed to me. For the first time, each of my kids had their own bed to sleep in, a space to do their homework, and a safe place to play after school. I don't know where we would be without Harvest House." - Victoria, Mother of 7

Home Again

Permanent Supportive Housing

Our goal is to house families falling through the cracks. This program is designed for the most vulnerable families with multiple barriers to sustainability. Finding a safe, clean, affordable place to live can be nearly impossible for families in a community with high housing costs, so in 2013, Home Again was born. Home Again now stretches across three campuses and serves 108 individuals on any given night. The Lee Wetherington Family Village allows us to serve those who don’t meet specific government definitions but are still in need.

How it Works

We believe that encouraging someone to engage in their future is the best way to give them a future. Participants are expected to: refrain from drug and alcohol use, engage full time in education and/or employment, track and set goals with their case manager. The cost is a max of 30% of a family’s income, and families are able to stay for up to two years depending on their needs.

Weekly Life-Skills Classes

  • Financial Literacy
  • Parenting Development
  • Communication
  • Job Training
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Art Therapy & Appreciation
  • Other topics that contribute to sustainability

Children are the most affected victims of homelessness, and the security of their future is our highest priority.